It should be easy to leave us. That’s why we’ve seen to it that you can check out by yourself.

We will send you an email or SMS with a link to check your bill, pay for your stay, and receive an electronic receipt.

All this without getting out of bed. Just pop your key on the reception desk. Hope to see you soon!

Provided you have given a valid email address & phone number on Check-in – On the morning of your departure, you will be sent a link to check-out on your mobile device.

If you have no outstanding charges, just drop your room keys at the designated area at the reception. Your VAT receipt will be emailed directly to you.

  • What is Online Check-out?

    Use our Online Check-out to save time, avoid queues at reception.

  • What are the benefits of Online Check-out?

    It is quick and easy; it avoids the queues.

  • Can everyone Check-out Online?

    As long as you have provided an email address and phone number during the check-in process, on the morning of your departure, we will send you the link to check-out on your mobile device.

  • How can you signup to Online Check-out?

    When you are completing the Online Check-in, you have the option to avail of Online Check-out.

    A link will be sent by email, simply tick the box for your preference of communication.

  • How does Online Check-out work?

    The morning of your departure you will receive an email at 7am with a link to the online check-out.

  • Which credit cards can I use?

    We accept all major credit card – Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners

  • How/when will I receive my receipt?

    Your receipt is sent electronically as a PDF to your e-mail address on the day of your departure.

  • What should I do if I haven't received my receipt by e-mail?

    If you haven’t received a receipt for your stay via e-mail, you must contact the hotel by e-mail or telephone.

  • What should I do with my room key?

    On departure from the hotel simply drop you room key into the designated box at reception.

More questions answered on the main hotel website FAQ page.